Una notizia che sicuramente non ci aspettavamo di leggere su Micheal Phelps, ma a quanto pare è notizia vera e fondata, il Golden Boy è stato arrestato Martedi notte per guida in stato di ebrezza nello stato del Maryland, come riporta il sito New York Post:

Michael Phelps isn’t such a golden boy out of the water.
The 29-year-old Olympic swimmer was arrested for DUI in his home state of Maryland on Tuesday morning, reports TMZ.
Phelps was pulled over going 84 in a 45 zone at 1:40 a.m. and failed a field sobriety test. His blood alcohol content is said to have been twice the legal limit, sources told the website.
Police are expected to release more details and address the media on Tuesday afternoon.
This isn’t Phelps’ first brush with the law.
In 2004, when he was just 19, he was arrested for DUI in Salisbury, Maryland. He would later plead guilty to DWI and serve 18 months’ probation.
Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 total medals including 18 gold.

Certi che forse questo brutto episodio potrà in qualche modo riflettersi sulla sua stagione.